BrockNovels.com is up and running

Steve Brock


I'm so glad you are here. I've created this website as a way to communicate with my reader base. I write that as if I have a reader base. I don't as yet, but I'm hoping you will become a part of it. Please register your email with the form in the footer of the page. That will ensure you are notified about anything going on with my writing.

In addition, please feel free to use the 'Message Me' link to drop me a note about anything you think is relevant. My goal is to be 'reachable' to people who enjoy my novels.

I plan to post regular articles here on the blog about, not only what I've got going on, but other topics I think would be interesting to you as well. I intend to keep this website active so come back to see what's going on.


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